Welcome to the world, Mathía Joa Opheide!🍼💙

Welcome to the world, Mathía Joa Opheide!🍼💙

Joa Opheide 🍼💙

31.01.2023 • 6:11 PM • 1kg720 • 41cm
Welcome to the world darling, our miracle baby boy who just couldn't wait any longer to get here🫶🏼

What. A. Adventure. There you are, so much earlier than expected. You decided to join us two months early in our arms instead of in my belly. Mathía is doing great and will be kept warm in the incubator for the next 5 weeks and in addition to our unconditional love, he also receives the care of wonderful people around him. We take some time to recover from this intense rollercoaster and enjoy it in a way that we still have to feel and figure out. We might have hoped that it would be something different, but this is apparently the story we need to grow together, this is our path and this is beautiful, but not so standard.💛🧸

Thank you for your love from a distance! When I feel ready, I will share more about our special birth story and I would also like to thank a lot of people who are such a great supporter in this process🫶🏼

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