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"It is my mission to support my dear Joyffee'ers on their path of personal development, so that they can (re)connect with themselves and live their lives consciously, in the here and now and from inner peace. I want to support people who want to dive deep into their soul in a Joyffee way: through 1:1 coaching, meditation sessions, online courses, energy healing, bodywork and/or the joyful products in the webshop.

Thanks to the experiences from my own healing processes & my intuitive gifts, I feel the call to support you in your powerful transformation. Know that the story has already been written and that you can trust that you will find your way if you open yourself up to it. Trust your journey. You're being guided.”

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I'm the fullest expression of myself & create the space for others to do the same🧡

Hi! My name is Joyce Lemmens (June 27, 1995) -Herk-de-Stad, Limburg- and I am a soulpreneur, certified mindfulness/empowerment life coach, founder & owner of Joyffee and mother of Mathía.

From an early age I have been working on awareness and the power of visualization. I realized at a young age that everything is energy and that meant that I could and can sometimes be very “fearless”, because I simply trust the timing of life and the universe.
I choose to live from my heart, with my feet on the ground, looking for depth and nourishment for the soul (literally and figuratively ;-)). A life in which trust and your heart are central.

I chose to learn by doing, because there was no comprehensive training or ready-made job for the interests I had. I had long been convinced of becoming my own boss. I didn't yet know exactly what I would do, but choosing a direction and closing the necessary doors for this, in combination with a lot of endless confidence, has brought me to a place that feels good to me. To the outside world, the path I walked was and is often frightening, because according to many, the "certainty" in my story was lacking. And yet I always stayed close to myself and true to myself. Because I chose to go left when everyone else was going right and therefore not blend in with the crowd and what is considered "normal" in this society. Because, dear people, there is so much more.

For as long as I can remember, I have immersed myself in everything that has to do with personal growth, awareness and balance between mind, body & soul (mindfulness, meditation, energy work, gemstones & crystals, high sensitivity, love & relationships...) and most importantly ; I live by it.

Joyffee is an extension of myself and translates my journey. It is my soul mission to support you on your journey to yourself through my personal growth, lessons & insights.

Joyffee gives me the opportunity to create whatever I feel, to spread my light and empower others & to allow the life I love and dream of. First of all, I follow my inner voice in order to be able to live the life that is destined for me, but the following is inextricably linked to this: I follow my mission in order to also be that person in your life that I am destined to be. to walk.

Dear you, I hope that through Joyffee I can also inspire you - in the way that feels right for you - to make JOY & LOVE a priority in your life. Not to take life too seriously. The joyful moments in life are the simple moments that open our hearts. You can always find a million excuses to continue what you are doing OR to create a new story, an upgrade; one where life is exciting & meaningful.

Do you feel that my story triggers you? Set yourself free & express yourself. Choose, as I do again and again; for pure joy. I'd like to be your guide.💓

Some fun facts about me

🎤 I am a singer and have a great love for making music. Did you know that I took part in the Eurosong preselections in 2014 and won the Radio 2 Music Laser with Tom Dice in 2012?

🥑 I have been a vegetarian for 16 years. Not necessarily on principle, but simply because I really don't like meat, chicken or fish.

🧘🏼‍♀️ I love yoga, pilates & heavy workouts . I also obtained my yoga teacher certificate.

🦋 My soul centered business in numbers:
I guide > 300 magical souls & drink > 365 cappucinos with oat milk per year 🙈

😽 I live with my dear friend Joey, newborn son Mathía 🧸, British shorthair tomcat Jip & Goldendoodle Ollie in Stokrooie.

☕️ At the age of 21 I started my first business; I ran a coffee bar/lifestyle concept for 3 years where I could sprinkle positive vibes on people in an accessible way.

🏝 I have a great love for Ibiza ; la isla bonita, my second home. Many of the magical Joyffee vibes are created during my solo travels on the island and it is the ideal spot for me to do inner work. So now you know where the boho vibes come from.😊

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