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Aragonite brown/beige

Aragonite brown/beige

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Aragonite is a powerful, grounding and warming stone that helps you accept and let go. It supports you to get out of your head and calms the busyness within yourself. A very nice stone for sensitive people. It also stimulates concentration, discipline, patience & flexibility. 🤎✨🤍

Aragonite fits well with the autumn collection due to its strong foundation. In autumn, when nature prepares for change and letting go, aragonite can help maintain inner stability and balance. It provides a feeling of grounding and tranquility, which fits well with the autumn period when we often need emotional support and stability in our routines. 🐿️ 🍂

The difference in action between brown and beige aragonite is mainly a matter of color and aesthetics, not of their energetic or spiritual properties. Whether you choose brown or beige aragonite, the effect is similar.
Which variant do you prefer? 🤗

📏 :
Brown small: approx. 6x5cm
Brown medium: approx. 10.5x8cm
Brown large: approx. 11x8cm
Beige extra large: approx. 13x11.5cm


Gemstones are natural products, so the color and shape may differ from the photographed gemstones.

Care Instructions

Always provide your gemstones with a good portion of TLC (tender loving care) and try to make it a habit to discharge, cleanse and recharge them every full moon. This way you will be able to enjoy their energy for a very long time!

More information about the maintenance of your gemstones can be found here


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