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Smudge stick (8 variants) you

Smudge stick (8 variants) you

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Do your chakras, your home and your crystals need a cleansing? These magical, 100% natural & handmade smudge sticks are perfect for you if you need an extra cleanse or boost, but also when you want to cleanse your home or your crystals.

* +/- 35g

Available in 8 different variants with various flowers, herbs & wood types:

🌈 Chakra smudge stick: the perfect smudge stick with colored rose petals (in the colors of the chakras) for when you want to focus on cleansing your chakras.

🤎 Cinnamon smudge stick: Cinnamon has a very cleansing effect and promotes strength, abundance and connection with yourself.

🌷 Love smudge stick: Roses provide extra soft, loving vibes and represent hope and new beginnings.

🧡 Palo Santo: This sacred wood has a healing, purifying, anxiety and stress-relieving effect.

🤍 White Yagra: White Dagra attracts happiness, success, abundance and new possibilities.

🪵 Sandalwood: Sandalwood has a calming, harmonizing and grounding effect. This stick promotes creativity and intuition.

🌲 Myrrh: Myrrh gives you clarity & insights. This stick promotes inner peace and spirituality.

🌿 White Sage: White sage has a strong cleansing effect and rids your space & your energy of negative energy.

Light the smudge stick at one end to create a flame. Blow out the flame slightly to create smoke.
Clear your chakras: Take a few deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth to calm down. Start by cleansing your feet and turn the Sage Bundle to the left as you feel old energy being replaced by new positive energy. When you feel ready, move to the next chakra and do the same there. Finish by quenching the smudge stick on a heat-resistant bowl or Abelone shell.♡

House cleaning:
Open the windows so that the negative and old energy can escape. Then walk around your house with the stick and go to every corner. While cleansing, set the intention "I cleanse this room of all impurities and negativity" for optimal effect.

Cleaning gemstones:
Pass the gemstones through the cleansing smoke of smudge stick to discharge them of negative energy.

Cleaning yourself energetically:
Run the stick around your energy field, through the sides of your body. At the end, make some extra circles with the stick around your head.

When you are ready, you can extinguish the stick under the tap, in a glass of water or place it in an abelone shell. You can use this smudge stick several times..


Gemstones are natural products, so the color and shape may differ from the photographed gemstones.

Care Instructions

Always provide your gemstones with a good portion of TLC (tender loving care) and try to make it a habit to discharge, cleanse and recharge them every full moon. This way you will be able to enjoy their energy for a very long time!

More information about the maintenance of your gemstones can be found here


At Joyffee we always keep refreshing & moving. It is therefore possible that packaging (boxes, bags,...) has recently been given a new look and you receive different packaging material than shown in the product photos.

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