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Moon and star crystals πŸŒ™β­οΈ

Moon and star crystals πŸŒ™β­οΈ

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Type of gemstone

Crystals in the shape of moons & stars. Available in different variants:

Tiger's Eye: has a warming, strengthening and revitalizing effect. Also helps with overstimulation and is a perfect protection stone against negative energy. He gives kids strength & courage and of course also protection. Tiger's Eye helps children who have difficulty concentrating. This stone helps them with grounding.

Goldstone: gives strength and energy. The stone gives hope, promotes a positive outlook on life and has an uplifting effect. This means it has a positive effect on depression. It promotes individuality and ambition and helps you achieve your goals.

Lapis Lazuli: a mega spiritual stone. The stone stimulates honesty, sincerity and finding inner truth. He gives you a comfortable feeling when walking your own path. Lapis Lazuli promotes creativity, clarity, friendly and loving relationships. It also helps you express your opinion, your emotions and things that bother you. Physically, lapis lazuli helps complaints of the throat, larynx, thyroid and vocal cords. Furthermore, Lapis Lazuli has a positive effect on migraines, sleep problems, dizziness, stress and the immune system. It is an ideal stone for highly sensitive people and kids.

Avanturine: strengthens the heart, circulation and blood vessels.

Opalite: the shiny new age stone is an all-round healer and removes blockages and fatigue. It also helps communicate inner feelings. Opalite has a soothing, uplifting and illuminating effect. The stone supports your body with flu & colds and helps with sleep disorders.

Rose quartz: a mild, soft and soothing stone that opens your heart to receive and give love. This promotes self-love and self-acceptance.

Rock crystal: has a purifying, healing and harmonizing effect.

Rhodonite: is a powerful healer for both emotional and physical pain. It also provides peace and tranquility during shocking and extreme events.


Gemstones are natural products, so the color and shape may differ from the photographed gemstones.

Care Instructions

Always provide your gemstones with a good portion of TLC (tender loving care) and try to make it a habit to discharge, cleanse and recharge them every full moon. This way you will be able to enjoy their energy for a very long time!

More information about the maintenance of your gemstones can be found here


At Joyffee we always keep refreshing & moving. It is therefore possible that packaging (boxes, bags,...) has recently been given a new look and you receive different packaging material than shown in the product photos.

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