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A lovingly composed bag containing:

♡ Pyrite

Gives more self-confidence, decisiveness, concentration and strengthens the nervous system. He encourages the courage to show who you are. For people who spend a lot of time in their heads, pyrite is a nice stone to bring peace and tranquility.

♡ Caribbean Calcite
is a new combination stone that was only discovered in Pakistan in 2019.
☆ soothes emotions and feelings
☆ has a grounding effect
☆ strengthens the connection with your subconscious
☆ gives confidence and encourages you to live more from your heart and intuition
☆ helps you let go of your ego and dare to go with the flow of your life
☆ connected to the element water, the feminine energy
☆ helps you with your spiritual and emotional growth

♡ Rock crystal
Rock crystal helps to gain clarity in situations, removes negative energy and has a harmonizing and healing effect.

♡ Apricot moonstone
Apricot Moonstone is a variant of the Moonstone and owes its name to its yellow-brown color.
This stone gives you confidence in your own feelings and teaches you to accept them more easily. Apricot Moonstone is a soft, mild stone that helps you ground yourself. This is a good stone for children who have difficulty finding their own place. Also a good stone for people with autism.

*gemstones are natural products, so the color and shape may differ from the photographed gemstones

*the stone is approx. 2.5cm


Gemstones are natural products, so the color and shape may differ from the photographed gemstones.

Care Instructions

Always provide your gemstones with a good portion of TLC (tender loving care) and try to make it a habit to discharge, cleanse and recharge them every full moon. This way you will be able to enjoy their energy for a very long time!

More information about the maintenance of your gemstones can be found here


At Joyffee we always keep refreshing & moving. It is therefore possible that packaging (boxes, bags,...) has recently been given a new look and you receive different packaging material than shown in the product photos.

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